TONIGHT (10/26): Composting Seminar at City Hall

On City Council, I've seen how recycling efforts how keep our land fill dumping costs down.  So, when I read, several weeks ago, that Lakewood had hosted the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District's free seminar on composting, I thought we should bring it to Pepper Pike.

As you may already know from a recent mayor's letter and the City website's calendar, this seminar, which emphasizes the importance of rear-yard composting, and how easy it is to do so, will be given this evening (Wednesday, October 26) in the Council Chambers from 6:30-7:30pm. At this gathering, the Solid Waste District officials will provide helpful how-to-compost instructions and other information on rear-yard composting. They will also provide for sale two types of affordable composting bins as well as a kitchen collection container.

Why is this important?

The more residents we have composting, the more it helps lower the City’s land fill dumping costs, as well as help the environment. The seminar will last only one hour, during which you may also ask any questions you have on composting.

I will be there and I hope you will join me.

BONUS: Please - don't forget to vote. Election day is less than two weeks away. You can still request and vote by absentee ballot by going here, and of course you can vote on election day at your polling place in Pepper Pike (learn more here). In addition to voting on Pepper Pike Mayor, Pepper Pike Council (3 seats) and the Orange Schools levy, there are three statewide ballot issues on which you need to vote:
  • State Issue 1 - Judicial Retirement Age Constitutional Amendment
  • State Issue 2 - Referendum on Senate Bill 5
  • State Issue 3 - Health Care Freedom Amendment
The 2011 State Issues Report includes the official ballot language, explanations, arguments for and against and the full text of the proposed constitutional amendments and referendum. You can read it at the Secretary of State's website, when you click on the "Statewide Issues Information" button.

BONUS #2: Pepper Pike resident, Dr. Roxanne Sukol, wrote this wonderful item about composting and wanted to share it with other residents interested in doing the same.

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