IT'S 5:37PM ON TUESDAY: HAVE YOU VOTED YET!?! (And info on several City meetings)

Good afternoon on this gorgeous election day! (I love love love election day - always have - remember the machines with the big black and red levers that had to be pulled!?)

Very quick hits:

for voting if you've already done so, and if you haven't yet, you can STILL VOTE until 7:30pm (hint hint hint).  It's not just local candidates on the ballot but statewide issues and the Orange schools levy.  You can find your polling location here and then head on over to either Garfield Church or Church of the Western Reserve (where I poll sat for 2.5 hours first thing this morning for the school levy!)

2. TOMORROW NIGHT: Road & Safety/Finance & Planning meeting at 7:30pm in the Council chambers, open to the public as always. You can read the agenda here or see the attached document.  One highlight is sure to be the department heads making budget presentations in preparation for the 2012 budget and the five-year forecast.

3. ALSO TOMORROW NIGHT: After the regular meeting, there is a Special Session of Council being held to discuss a specific proposed appropriation.  It is described in the agenda for those who are interested.

Finance Oversight Subcommittee meeting: 7pm in the Council chambers. Open to the public. The agenda is here.  There has been some debate as to what the scope of this committee should be so if you are interested in that, I would strongly recommend attending. Last year, the committee stuck to reviewing month to month and year over year revenues and expenditures with discussion of red flags and other items. This year, this is discussion about the committee more broadly discussing cost-cutting and revenue raising needs as well as possibly being or converting to an audit committee.

City Council Meeting, 8pm. Public, open, no agenda yet.  Council chambers.

Thank you as always for letting me serve the City and have a great week.

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