News Feed on EfficientGov & Regionalism Efforts in NE Ohio

I've written very little, by design, about my work for The Civic Commons EfficientGovNetwork project I'm directing, but if electeds and candidates across NE Ohio are going to bandy about the suggestion that political subdivisions should be engaging in more sharing, collaborating, consolidating and other service provision designs often associated with regionalism, then they should be following one of the single best sources, right now, of that information - here.

At that site, you will find podcasts with mayors, past and present, who describe what it takes to  accomplish major acts of government collaboration and/or are contemplating such efforts.  You will find, from today alone, five news items about government collaboration and efficiency throughout the northern Ohio counties.  You will find a powerful, short promo video with clips from individuals as diverse as Ohio Governor John Kasich and East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton, both promoting a need to look more at how government delivers services.

The Civic Commons is issue and outcome agnostic - but those who engage there absolutely are not.

If you're dedicating yourself to the idea that going regional, sharing services and consolidation is the way of the future for municipalities, you owe it to yourself to dig into the literally hundreds and hundreds of pages of resources and other materials at The Civic Commons EfficientGovNetwork site.

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