Riding In Cars With Police Officers

Well, just one police officer - Sergeant Cannon.  And I have to say, the car alone was overwhelming.  Many thanks to Sargent Cannon for educating me on a multitude of responsibilities and issues related to the police work the Pepper Pike Police Department undertakes.

Although I'm an advocate for the need to be objective when it comes to being a council member faced with a multi-million dollar budget deficit, I've also been asking about how the reality of being in deficit is affecting our city personnel.  And watching what has to be done and gets done, the way it gets done, and realizing how far ahead of the game we are when we invest in prevention rather than expend only in response to something that's already happened or happening...well, it deepens that deep sigh I keep exhaling even more.

Speaking of which, here are two more articles about how local governments are dealing with deficits - aka more articles that demonstrate just how not alone Pepper Pike is in trying to solve these nearly impossible equations:

Euclid lays off 10 police, 6 firefighters

Ashtabula stops snow plows for the weekend


Ari Herzog said...

This is a clever idea... sparking me to send an email to emulate. As I am a member of the council's budget and finance committee, all the more reason to understand such issues up close in a way most taxpayers don't understand.

Jill said...

Thanks, Ari. When I was running for office, I met with all the department heads (except the law director in part because he and I had communicated several times before and in part since I'm a lawyer!) and I'd heard how other council members had gone on rides with the police. I got offered to do it in the evening when there might be a bit more happening in our small city, but that's prime kid time during the week so we went in the morning. Probably better anyway because I don't know if I would have gotten as good a sense of where everything is. But the evening ride would be worthwhile too, I'm sure.

Also, one of the big issues we have has to do with our dispatch center and its cost versus its value and whether it should be part of plans to try and attempt more regionalization. It is a VERY touchy subject and after spending time in there yesterday, it is very easy to see why. I'm not sure what the answer is just yet.

Thanks for commenting, btw. :)