ANNOUNCEMENT: Special Council Session this Thursday, March 4

The Mayor has called for a Special Council Session to be held this Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 7:30 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers.  It is a public meeting. The agenda is under construction but I expect it to cover issues related to the City's current financial situation.  Please pass on this information to your Pepper Pike friends and neighbors.

I want to stress that, even though I've not seen the agenda, I expect this meeting to be a work session similar to those that many Councils hold. I'm very pleased that the Mayor has called this meeting and I hope that we have as many as it takes (and I have no idea what that number is).

I expect Council to work on issues related to the dilemmas facing the City. These dilemmas require our collaboration, coordination and most of all, communication, which, as a whole Council, must be done in public.  While we can call each other one on one or meet up with a maximum of three of us without violating open meeting rules, the reality, from my standpoint, so far, is that getting on the same page and giving a thorough review of where we are, where we want to go and how we're going to get there can best be done when all Council Members contribute to the conversation, whether it's the defining of the problem or the decision-making related to solutions.

I want to thank those residents who've called or written me or others and shared their questions, concerns and thoughts on the City's finances.  Keep 'em coming.  One resident has even taken to LinkedIn where he poses the question (to which you can respond):
Ideas for resolving the current financial issues in Pepper Pike
If anybody has any ideas for how our local government can handle the current financial issues, this is a great place to post them.
I keep up on the responses that go through there, so do feel free to use that space.  I continue to post on Facebook and my Council Twitter account so you can reach me (and allow for other residents to join in) in those places, too.  You can also use the Pepper Pike city's website feedback form if you feel more comfortable to share your ideas that way.

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