Pepper Pike Resident Receives Friend of Science Award

The Plain Dealer had one paragraph about this but it doesn't seem to be on, so I've scanned it and you can see it below.  The Science Education Council of Ohio has awarded Bryan Pflaum its Friend of Science Award for 2010. Pflaum, a Pepper Pike resident, is the Cleveland Clinic's Director of Creative Learning in the Cleveland Clinic Office of Civic Education Initiatives. (I'm checking with Mr. Pflaum to learn if he is still the Artistic Director of the Cleveland Clinic Theatre Company - which is listed on the website but not in the PD item.) 

Kudos to the Clinic for creating and funding this effort and ditto to those who may provide other resources that keep it going. Given the attention to health care, preventative and otherwise, that is all around us, I have to believe that programs like this one are a great asset and resource for our region, and us.

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