Upcoming Pepper Pike City Council meetings & news items

Mailed out tonight:


A quick rundown:

1. This week's Road & Safety/Finance & Planning meeting is scheduled for its usual day (1/11/12, second Wednesday of every month) but will be starting at 8pm.  You can see the agenda here or via the attached document (a pdf).

Please note: For those who may be interested in this topic, the agenda lists "Sterling Lakes/Brainard Traffic Issue" as an item under the heading, "Discussion."

2. There is a regular City Council meeting next week on 1/18/12. No agenda yet.

3. The podcast of five new mayors on the WCPN Sound of Ideas show, including Mayor Bain, can be heard here.

4. The Chagrin Solon Sun's article on Mayor Bain can be read here.

5. Detailed property tax information for Pepper Pike property owners can be found here.

6. Vote-by-mail applications (vote by mail voting begins January 31 - hard to believe!) can be found here.

7. As noted here on the City website, there will be CEI helicopter fly-overs this month.

7 [sic]. Results of a Plain Dealer survey about NE Ohioans, which you can break out by community (a total of 46 from Pepper Pike responded; our population is just under 6000) can be found here.

Have a great week and as always, if you'd like to be dropped from this distribution list, please let me know. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please write, call or email (here's the contact information for all the City electeds, department heads and so on).  And, also as always, thank you for being interested in our community.

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