View detailed property tax information

Today (Sunday, 1/8/12), the Plain Dealer published online an excellent tool for helping see - precisely and precise - property tax information. You can view just your t, or you can have the result include summaries for schools, cities, parks, etc., or you can get results that show the full details of each levy (year after year, then with a subtotal of the levy category with a final total of all the levies at the end).

I selected that last option but here's what it looks like when you select Pepper Pike (Orange Schools) (click on the chart to enlarge it or see it in a separate tab/screen):

If you want to see each of the levies that make up the subtotals, you can search on the last option offered in the search tool.

You can see I've left a comment at the post asking if the per $100,000 of home value is assessed value or market value. I'm pretty sure it's assessed but still think it should be clarified for folks who go right to the chart and have not read the accompanying articles.

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