Searchable Greenhouse gas data now available-see what's near us

It looks and sounds like a great tool but when you zero in on Cuyahoga County, I confess - I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at in terms of the numbers - it's not something I've self-educated or otherwise learned about. Chagrin Fall's resident, EcoWatch publisher and small businesswoman Stefanie Penn Spear posted this information about the tool to help us understand and use it.

The PD article gives some thoughts as to how it can be used:
"These numbers can be used by business to monitor emissions. They can be used by the states, and they can be can be used by the finance and investment community to make more informed investment choices," she said.
"What we bank on is that better information will lead to a better informed public, which will lead to better environmental protection," McCarthy said.
The database is, and includes a tutorial. It can be focused on an industry or a state or smaller geographic area.
At last night's Road & Safety meeting, Mayor Bain made a point of saying that he intends to make the Pepper Pike municipal campus more green, so accessing and considering this kind of information certainly fits in with the tenor of what's happening or going to happen in our community.

Here's a screenshot of our County but definitely visit the full site to learn more:

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