And we thought Pepper Pike had competition?

Fifteen (15!) residents vie for one open city council seat! And, as the Press Papers describes it, the process is looking to be very open and public:
Previous council candidate appointment interviews were conducted in executive session – closed to the public.
Council will meet with the candidates at 8 a.m. on Saturday and on Jan. 21 in 20-minute sessions in the council conference room in City Hall. The council members will rank the candidates in the first meeting, asking their top four or five to return for the second round of interviews. After finishing up the interviews, council will meet in executive session to go over each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses before choosing someone to appoint Jan. 23.
“It’s a new process,” he said. “I think, in the long run, this is the route to go with (council appointments) … In the past, most of these interviews were done in executive sessions, but these days, we feel they should be done in the open.”
Good for them, and the public.

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