TODAY: Community Forum on the high school & recent threat; other reminders

Just sent out this email.

Good afternoon,

My apologies for sending you email on a Sunday afternoon, but I wanted to pass on this information and a few other reminders:

1. The Orange Schools administration is hosting a community forum to provide updated information on the high school and the recent threat today, Sunday, November 13th from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Pepper Pike Learning Center (PPLC).  You will have the opportunity to hear information and share questions.  I will be there and hope as many village and city officials as possible, from all the school district communities, will be present as well.  The PPLC is located off of Chagrin Boulevard, on Gail Allison drive, across the street from the main schools administration building. It is opposite the high school football field. You can see a map here but be sure to "zoom in" on it if you are hoping to see its details.

2. Huge congratulations to all those who voted this past Tuesday.  The unofficial voter turnout appears to be around 58% which is fantastic for an off-year election.  You can read more about the results here. I've already sent my personal congratulations to the winners and I also personally thank everyone who ran.  Many of you who have been reading what I've been writing know that one of my mantras is, "Don't get mad, get elected."  It's enormously gratifying to see residents dig in and put themselves out there for us to have choices.

3. This week there are two meetings:

TUESDAY EVENING, 11/15/11, 7:00pm: Finance Oversight Subcommittee meeting, public, open, council chambers. The agenda is here.  There has been some debate as to what the scope of this committee should be so if you are interested in that, I would strongly recommend attending. Last year, the committee stuck to reviewing month to month and year over year revenues and expenditures with discussion of red flags and other items. This year, this is discussion about the committee more broadly discussing cost-cutting and revenue raising needs as well as possibly being or converting to an audit committee.

WEDNESDAY EVENING, 11/16/11, 8:00pm:
City Council Meeting, public, open, Council chambers. The agenda is here and also attached to this email.

4. PLEASE NOTE TRASH COLLECTION DATES on the City website's calendar (see here) for Thanksgiving week.  Call (216-896-6149) the Service Department if you have any questions.

5. Finally, for those who have any interest in the DC event at which I spoke last week and received an Innovator Award for political leadership in the digital age, here's a photo and article about it.  There's more of both lurking out there in the interwebz but I'm notoriously unphotogenic so you'll have to use "teh Google" as we say and find them yourselves if you so desire!

Have a good rest of your weekend and again, thank you for being great constituents. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


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