First-ever observation of live Road & Safety/Finance & Planning meeting via Skype

For those who didn't know, in the spirit of political leadership in the digital age, while I was at the CampaignTech conference last week, I was able to observe the monthly Road & Safety/Finance & Planning meeting in Pepper Pike via Skype. Thanks to my colleague Scott Newell who provided the laptop so that this could proceed and give us another first for our city & for our city government. 

I wasn't counted for the quorum and could not participate in any votes. But it was a great use of simple, low to no-cost technology, on behalf of being efficient, so that at this coming week's City Council meeting, I can participate fully and well-informed. Those of you in the private sector are, no doubt, extremely aware of how regularly technology is used to allow folks who are not in the same location to be able to do everything from passively watching events of all kinds to actively engaging.  This was a nice application of something familiar to many and bound to become even more familiar throughout our culture as time goes on.

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