Released Today: National League of Cities City Fiscal Conditions Report

You can read the report here.  You can read many reports about the report just by searching on "National League of Cities survey." I'll spare you all the links I could give you.  From the NLC (but read the whole thing):
The report reveals that general city revenues are continuing to fall, with a projected -2.3% decrease by the end of 2011. This is the fifth straight year of declines in revenue with probable further declines in 2012.

The revenue decline is mainly due to the suppressed property market that is negatively impacting property tax revenue. Property tax collections are expected to decline by -3.7% with further declines likely in 2012 and 2013.

Income tax receipts are also experiencing a decrease of -1.6%. Sales tax receipts remained largely flat, but this is at last year's level which saw the worst decrease in sales tax revenue in 15 years.

Cities are responding by cutting personnel (72%), delaying infrastructure projects (60%) and increasing service fees (41%). One in three (36%) cities report modifications to employee health care benefits.
There is a wealth of information on this page, also from the NLC, especially if you want to get the sense of just how not alone we are, no matter who is mayor. 

What choices do you want your elected officials to make? Which ones don't you want your elected officials to make? Don't be shy.

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