One Year (Almost) Down, Three To Go

(Unless I get recalled.)

It's been too long since I've blogged here (no posts since November 3), and even longer since I wrote a post with any substance (at least a couple of posts in September).   In truth, no more than 15 to 25 people have read this blog on any regular basis, although I often would "tweet" out a post, have it on Facebook or include a link in the emails I was sending out regularly through September.

I also tested out a live-chat a few times and it had well over 25 readers (the read-it-back feature has been very popular). I utilized the tool for placing public documents online so that residents who have been unable to open pdfs could finallyopen them. (Unfortunately, changed its interface and many of those documents I uploaded in the first few months of this year no longer exist at the Scribd account then in use; I've started a new one and will continue to upload items to it for people's reference).

And, as I was reminded just this past Sunday (to my pleasant but kind of bittersweet surprise since I've not sent any lately), my email blasts, which have been overwhelmingly well-received, have tapered off since September 30 (okay, tapered off isn't the right word - that was the date of the last one I sent).

I apologize for this fall-off.  It's not due to a lack of activity, drama or news related to Pepper Pike or in my household or writing career (which was extremely packed during the eight weeks in and around the November midterm elections) for that matter.

It is my expectation that come January, the email blasts and the blog posts will resume.  I look forward to hearing more about what people liked and didn't like about any of these tools I've deployed to initiate and improve communications between at least one elected official and the residents.  I have received feedback over these last 11 months and appreciate all of it.

I took this on, and I plan on continuing to work at meeting the challenges.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable December and New Years and thank you, as always, for letting me serve this City.

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