Stowe approves term limits for Council, reaffirms them for mayor

From Council member Mike Rasor's blog:
Tonight, the Good Ole Boy Network received perhaps the strongest indictment against it yet.

People overwhelmingly voted to add term limits to city council (75.13 percent) and finance director (72.8 percent). They strongly rejected an opportunity to remove term limits on mayor (60.98 percent) and law director (62.36 percent).*

They are tired of the same old people calling the shots. They want a cycle of new ideas and energy.
Mike was elected in November 2009. I've mentioned his blog before. He's very open on it - and also just graduated from law school last year. I've not checked in to see if he took/passed the bar exam, but I have no reason to believe that he didn't do both. I commend him for blogging about his work on Council.

*I'm not sure if finance director and law director are elected or appointed in Stowe but have emailed Mike to find out.

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