In The News: Chagrin Solon Sun

From today's Chagrin Solon Sun:

Results for Poll on Service Merging

Pepper Pike Pulls Out of Regionalism Study to Address Budget Woes (this earned the City a "pan" - as opposed to a "pat" on the Editorial page)

Stop Trashing Pepper Pike's Leadership - Editorial

As a side note, I want to thank readers, residents and friends who've emailed or call to offer their input not only on the specifics of being a Pepper Pike citizen right now, but just general encouragement.

Several people - very, very touchingly - have looked at me in the eye or spoken to me in an almost pleading kind of tone over the phone and asked, with an intention to get an answer, how are you doing?

I am really doing fine - probably better than fine, but I'm very critical of myself, as people who know me know. However, I'd rather it be me than "not me" on Council right now.  And again - I've said this in private and in public: while I'm extremely aware of the broad range of emotions residents are feeling about our financial situation - for those who are aware (and I look forward to that group expanding), I must repeat that I'm learning an enormous amount from my Council colleagues and I have found the freedom to be literally, brutally honest with them and with the Mayor.

To establish trust and working relationships, there's really no other way to be. And it does make a difference.

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