WCPN/Sound of Ideas 1/4/10: Rookie Officeholders Ahoy

And talk about soaking up the socmedia.  Ideastream/WCPN and Sound of Ideas are doing it every which way.

First, the show tomorrow morning at 9:00 am:
This month, some of your neighbors and friends are starting new jobs--in service to the community. That's because in November, they were elected to school boards or city councils for the first time. As these political newcomers get started down a potentially treacherous path, a few of them will join host Dan Moulthrop to talk about their hopes, their plans and why they're venturing into an arena as challenging as local politics. Join the conversation Tuesday morning at 9.

John Mallen Chardon City Council
Jennifer Mearns Shaker Heights Board of Education
Sean Nicklos Parma City School Board
Mary Siwierka Elyria City Council
Jill Zimon Pepper Pike City Council
Okay - so no "Miller" but I did get a link to this blog. Thank you!

I also understand that first-timer Miesha Wilson Headon, Richmond Heights City Council Member will be on the program.  She and I provided mutual support through thick and through thin and in fact kind of sort of met because of my stints on WCPN throughout 2007.  I'm very grateful for that because it was so critical to go through campaigning alongside other bright, capable and enthusiastic first-time candidates.

Hope you'll listen live or later.

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