Recent profiles of Macon, Georgia City Councilman who just happens to be preeminent political blogger

Erick Ericson is the Editor-in-Chief of, one of the most well-known and often-referenced political blogs that is written from the conservative point of view.  I do not know Erick, though I know of him.  Since his election in 2007 to the Macon, GA City Council, he also has continued to blog at Confessions of a Political Junkie and PeachPundit, a blog that focuses on Georgia politics.

Articles about Erick have been published recently (one just yesterday) because of his prominence in conservative politics and in particular, his current approach to the Republican Party and Republicans.

The two that I've read include the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's "Georgia political blogger holds nothing back" and from the St. Petersburg Times, "The man behind shakes up the Republican Party."

I mention Erick and these articles because I wanted to point out another example (in addition to the ones I included in this post) of how politics, blogs and holding elected office have been mixed together.  Erick's mixture varies quite a lot, from what I can tell, from some of the ones in the other post and I feel confident in suggesting that my style will also be different from Erick's and from the other examples.  Regardless of the politics of any of these individuals, however, I like that they all are running for, getting into and blogging while in elected office.

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