Find out where the best sledding hills and cross-country skiing paths are

Pepper Pike doesn't yet have that information available online or through an email alert.

But the Lakewood Buzz does.  And it's not put out by the city - it's neighbor-to-neighbor communication facilitated by an online community forum and newsletters. I just received one about an hour ago. Here's what the peppy communication said:

"Community Forum Edition"
Friday, January 8, 2010

One of the cool things about "Lakewood's Community Forum" on ( ) is that neighbors help neighbors with recommendations.  Today, there are two Buzzers asking for your tips:

 -  "Snow Sledding Locations" is Dad O Three's posted request for recommendations.

 -  "Looking for an Inexpensive Meeting Room in Lakewood" is posted by tfacey.

Here's a shortcut link to the Community Forum...

While visiting, check out the "Lakewood Joke of the Day" thread. If you want to share a laugh, post a joke or just enjoy the many jokes posted by your neighbors.

We wish you an enjoyable weekend in Lakewood!

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Former Society of Professional Journalists' President, Steve Fitzgerald, started the Buzz nearly ten years ago. About four or five years ago, I met with Steve to learn more about the Buzz because I was so taken by its thriving community of interacting residents and the incredible, broad range of topics that I saw get attention on the Community Forum - from the residents.

Should Pepper Pike develop an online version of the Pepper Pike Post or online counterpart that works with it, expands on what it offers and opens up new avenues for communication - for those Pepper Pike residents who would like to use it?  Perhaps join it up somehow with the Orange schools and maybe even other schools in the area used by our residents?

Obviously I'm someone who sees endless possibilities in nearly endless places. I'm fine with letting the residents expand those ideas even further, or reign me in.  But either way, the input from the residents is key.

I know I was wondering where to go sledding around here.  How about you? What would you have been able to do with a community forum that lets you find out who in Pepper Pike shares your interests, or why, perhaps, no one does?


ravsteve said...

This is a great idea and would help build a stronger sense of community. I hope this happens!

Jill said...

Thanks, Rabbi. I know you won't see this until tomorrow evening but I appreciate your reading and input. Feel free to let people know this space exists. I really hope to make it work for residents. :)