Pepper Pike Civic Award 2013

Pepper Pike high school residents (or their parents): There are four (4) days left to check out and apply for the Civic Award 2013 - an opportunity for a $2000 scholarship toward college. Here's some information and the relevant links are here:
The Pepper Pike Civic League is offering a $2000 Civic Award to a high school senior who is a resident of Pepper Pike, attends a high school in the general vicinity of Pepper Pike and is planning to attend college in 2013. The Award’s purpose is to encourage students to become aware of, participate in, and support Pepper Pike and community governments, in general.
Applicants must currently be a senior high school student and a resident of Pepper Pike. The applicant must attend an accredited college in 2013 and furnish proof of enrollment in a college.
Applicants must submit a one (1) page essay describing what the student believes is the single most important issue currently facing Pepper Pike with recommendations about how that issue might be addressed.  Refer to the application for complete requirements.
The application form and instructions are available from the student’s guidance counselor as well as on this website below.  The completed application, along with the required essay, must be submitted by March 31 to: Pepper Pike Civic League , P.O. Box 24808, Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124. The Award will be presented to the winning applicant  at the Pepper Pike Civic League’s Town Hall meeting to be held in April, 2013.
The Town Hall meeting will be April 23 at 7pm at Brady Middle School. Thanks as always to the Civic League for offering this opportunity!

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