Babcock Property purchased by and gifted to City of Pepper Pike by family of Stanley L. and Eloise M. Morgan

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I received the press release (published in its entirety) from the Mayor this evening with the news about the disposition of what has often been referred to as the Babcock Property located on the eastern side of Lander Circle between Chagrin and Pinetree.  Please read the release for the details which the Mayor has shared. I was so excited by the news, I knew that there would be residents who would be equally interested and excited. I have no doubt that plenty of information will be forthcoming after the holidays pass but I do want to express gratitude to the family of Stanley L. and Eloise M. Morgan for this incredible act.

Please have a safe and joyous holiday season.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   December 24, 2012

Press Release:

The City of Pepper Pike is very happy to announce it is receiving a gift of land for use as a city park. The park has been purchased from Garfield Memorial Church and donated to the city in memory of their parents by the family of Stanley L. and Eloise M. Morgan.  Known by many in the community as the former Mary Babcock property, it is located adjacent to Lander Circle at the intersection of Chagrin Blvd, Pinetree Rd. and Lander Rd. It consists of approximately 1.6 acres, and includes a meandering creek, woodland trees, shed and a 2000 square foot house constructed in the early 1900s.   

Pepper Pike Mayor Richard Bain said, “This land sits at the southern gateway to Pepper Pike and is an important historic link to the past. This site was at the heart of the original Orange Township. The site has been in constant use since the early 19th century and apparently functioned as part of a farm for which foundation stones still exist. In this immediate area stood the township’s first shops and church. The graves of its early settlers dating to the mid 19th century still remain, and later the electric Interurban Railway ran through here. This very generous gift will allow us to preserve a green gateway to Pepper Pike and enhance the community. We have worked with the family and Garfield Memorial Church to assist in this transpiring and I sincerely thank them for their commitment to the city and salute the family for this wonderful tribute to their parents.”

A Morgan family spokesman stated, “This parcel of land is given to the city of Pepper Pike in memory of Stanley L. and Eloise M. Morgan by their family.  The land is to be used as a park for all residents to enjoy.  Mr. and Mrs. Morgan moved to Pepper Pike in 1957 and resided there until their deaths.  They watched Pepper Pike grow and develop, and would have been pleased that the last green space on Lander Circle will remain that way.”

Mayor Bain further remarked, “We will also be using the park for educational purposes, and working with Chagrin River Watershed Partners to restore the creek and enhance the site. I would like to see in addition, that the park becomes an historic reminder of how the community originated. We will be investigating how best to utilize the park for that purpose. Any residents who have historic knowledge of the site, including records and photographs of the area, or wish to contribute ideas are invited to be in contact with me. A rejuvenated Pepper Pike Historic Society will be established to help with this project. ”

For additional information regarding this Press Release, please contact

Mayor Richard Bain at 216 896-6126

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