Collabbing - It's What's Up in Government Provision of Services

From my day job, something that has a lot to do with what's swirling around Pepper Pike and the communities adjacent to ours.  Read the whole thing here, but here's a teaser:

Over the weekend, I came home from a few hours out with a friend to find my middle-school son transferring files and installing programs from his fairly puny and old laptop to my college-bound son's more powerful and newer one. Curious as to how the former presumably conned the latter into this arrangement, I asked. And the response warmed my kumbaya-loving heart.

"We collabbed." Pronounced like, "co-labbed" like the nickname for laboratory, lab, and short for collaboration.

Now where on Earth did a 12 year old get such language to even describe what he'd done!?


Jay said...

Ah, Jill, we're 20th century people living in the 21st century. We used words like 'groovy' and 'outasite' with a straight face. Anyway, what does 'meh' mean?

Jill said...

Thanks, Jay! And of course it is a 12 year old letting me know what the 21st century sounds like. :)