Some residents have raised concerns about coyotes.  In this article from Thursday's Chagrin Solon Sun, the advice given is in regard to encountering coyotes in the Geauga Parks but some of it could be useful otherwise:

Park officials said the animals are normally passive, but may be more intense from January through June due to mating, denning and pup weaning.
The presence of dogs may trigger coyotes to be more aggressive, including yips, howls and growls, according to the statement. Coyotes may follow behind dog-walkers for a short distance, it cautioned.
Park users are advised to shorten their pet’s leash, pick up and carry small dogs and keep the pet calm while leaving the area the same way it was entered.
If a coyote does approach, park officials advise users to walk backward slowly and discourage the animal by using a deep voice, waving their arms, throwing objects and looking the coyote directly in its eyes.
Users can also make themselves appear bigger by spreading open a jacket or vest. A whistle can frighten a coyote and alert others.
If you have any questions, please call the City.  There have been sightings in Pepper Pike.

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