"Woodmere battles for its mere existence"

And I think this is figurative and literal, especially when you take into account the idea of merger with Moreland Hills, Orange Village and Pepper Pike.

From the Chagrin Valley Times, in pertinent part:
When it comes to the consideration of a merger with Moreland Hills, Orange and Pepper Pike, it's important to keep an open mind, [Woodmere Mayor Charles] Smith said.

[Woodmere Council President Lisa] Mrs. Brockwell said, while residents have told her they don't want to lose the sense of identity they have with their community, there must be an ongoing conversation about what is possible and best for all concerned.
Thoughts, ideas, hopes, anyone?


Ron Markowitz said...

I think the loss of identity is a very low price to pay for all of the four cities for the benefits that will be derived. I would gladly change my name for future health and financial stability for my family.

Jill said...

Whether I agree with you or not, as I know we both know, that's a judgement that the voters of Woodmere and those they elected will make.

I'd also debate you as to whether changing your name implies a change in your existence in the same way that eliminating the existence of a political subdivision, through annexation or merger renders the former political subdivision's name obsolete. ;)