Sterling Lakes, Old & New Brainard Roads, Traffic on Lander Road all subject to discussion

From the Chagrin Solon Sun:
Traffic safety concerns for drivers exiting Sterling Drive onto Brainard Road have ignited discussions about the possible reopening of Old Brainard Road as a north-south thoroughfare.

More than 15 residents from the Sterling Lake development showed up at a monthly road and safety meeting of City Council Jan. 11 to press the new city administration about what they consider an accident in waiting. They said poor sight lines at the intersection make them afraid to pull out of the development for fear of being struck by fast-approaching vehicles on Brainard.
Read the whole story and check out the minutes from the 1/11/12 meeting when they're posted.

What do you think about a light at New Brainard and the Sterling Lakes entrance across from the Pointe townhouses?  Should that gate be permanently closed and Old Brainard re-opened so that people can exit there?  If Old Brainard is being looked at for re-opening, should it be just the end at Chagrin, or also down by City Hall?

Or should everything stay as is?

I haven't said a word about where this fits in as a priority for the City or how any changes would be paid for, but obviously those questions and others will have to be calculated into the equation.

Or no?

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