MEETING CHANGE; Mayor's Letter to Residents; Appointments & Elections

Just sent out:

Good afternoon and my apologies for another email this week, but it's focused!

1. There will be NO Road & Safety/Finance Planning Meeting on the second Wednesday of this month, a meeting that was scheduled for Wednesday, February 8 at 7:30pm. 

Instead, there will be a Council Work Session on Thursday, February 9 at 7:30pm, at City Hall, open to the public.  No agenda yet that I've seen and I'm not quite sure where on the website it will go, but it should be under "Government" and then "Meetings and Minutes" once it is available and posted.  Notice is also on the City website here.

2. I've attached to this email the Mayor's first letter to residents. You can also read it here.  If you have trouble opening it, I would suggest contacting the Clerk of Council or the Mayor's office (Sheila Brett-O'Connor at 216-896-6128 or Barb Hennen at 896-6125 ).

3. At last night's Special Organizational Meeting, the following appointments or elections were made:

Law Director: Stephen Byron, Ice Miller law firm
Treasurer: Tony Gentile
Clerk of Council: Sheila Brett-O'Connor
Council Member to City Planning Commission: Rick Taft
Road & Safety Committee Chair: Scott Newell
Finance Chair: Jim LeMay
Communications Chair: Jill Miller Zimon
City Beautification Chair: Gail Mayland
Elector to City Planning Commission: Bill Melsop

Election of the Vice Mayor and appointment to the Chagrin River Watershed Partners Chair have been deferred to the next meeting due to the absence of Council Member Morganstern whom the Mayor has identified as his suggested appointment.

This information will be in the minutes of the meeting, among other information related to the change in meeting schedule and other organizational topics that you may find of interest. You can always listen to the tapes or contact any of us to learn more if you would like prior to the availability of the minutes.

Thank you as always for your time and have a great week.


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