[updated] 2012 Organizational Meeting to be held Monday, 1/30/12 at 8PM in City Hall

Notice received by me this evening so I am just the messenger. I would expect an agenda to be made available sometime tomorrow.

Update: FYI only:

Article III Section 2 of Pepper Pike's Charter says that there "shall" be an organizational meeting each January and that at that meeting "or as soon as practicable thereafter," Council shall elect one Councilman (yes it says "man") as Vice Mayor, one as a member of the City Planning Commission and Council shall appoint a Clerk of Council.

As to the calling of the meeting, that's covered by the Pepper Pike Code, Chapter 220.01 which provides for how the Mayor or any three Councilmen (yes, "men") can call a special meeting: "At least twenty-four hours notice of a special meeting shall be given to each Councilman (yes, "man") and the Mayor, which notice may be in writing and delvered to the person notified or left at his or her residence, or verbal notice may be delivered directly or by telephone to the person notified." I received an answering machine message and an email, both before 8pm this evening.

I have not been asked for input, nor have I provided nor have I been provided any information about these positions.

Last, Pepper Pike Code, Chapter 220.05 addresses Committees: "The presiding officer of Council [in Pepper Pike, that has been the mayor - we have no Council President] shall appoint a Finance and Planning Committee, a Road and Safety Committee and such other standing or temporary committees as he or she deems proper." That is all that's said about those two committees.  

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