Tonight's Pepper Pike City Council meeting & other updates

Sent this morning:

Good day.

A quick list of events and other information that may be of interest to you:

1. The regularly scheduled monthly City Council meeting will be this evening (Wednesday, 1/18/12) at 8pm in City Hall. The meeting is open to the public and you can find the agenda attached or here at the City website.

2. There is an opening on the Orange City Schools Board of Education should anyone be interested in applying or know someone you'd like to encourage to apply. The deadline is next Wednesday, January 25th, at noon. You can read more here.

3. At last week's Road & Safety meeting, Mayor Bain spoke about a few priorities of his. I do not want to mischaracterize anything he said and would urge residents to consult the meeting minutes on a regular basis (though be aware that they are often not posted for a couple of week, though you can listen to the tapes or request them from the Clerk of Council once completed and approved).  Very generally, he addressed:

-an information technology (IT) upgrade to bring the City into the 21st Century, if not the current decade
-making the City campus "greener" (as opposed to more green in color, though that could be accomplished too!)
-putting a hold on a traffic light at Pinetree and Pinebrook
-putting a hold on removing the blinking light at South Woodland and Old Brainard
-looking at traffic issues related to Windy Hill Road
-adopting an ethics policy

Again, do double-check me with the minutes and of course, with contacting any of us (information to do that is here).

4. Another source of City-related information is my blog about elected office, Pepper Pike and citizen engagement, In The Arena. You can read it online here but you also can subscribe to it and receive the entries in an email for you to read at your discretion.  Just go to the left-hand sidebar and fill in the box where it says, "Subscribe to the Arena posts via email." I do not review or otherwise access the email addresses for any purpose whatsoever when you subscribe (I'm actually not even notified about subscribers when that occurs).

5. Last but not least, in an effort to move into the 21st Century of IT, the mayor implored those of us with email lists composed of residents (he singled out Mr. LeMay and myself, for example but also thinks about those residents who may have neighborhood association lists), to please request that those residents to whom we distribute material please consider signing up for electronic communications that come directly from the City.  You can do that on the very front landing page of the City website where it says in capital letters, "JOIN EMAIL LIST." If you have any problem whatsoever with doing so, please contact City Hall and ask for Katy Zippert in the Finance Department (she handles the several tasks related to the website). This effort cuts down on paper, postage and labor, as well as speeds up transmission of information to you.

Thank you as always, let me know if you'd like to be removed from this list, I hope to see you around, drive safely and thank you for letting me serve!


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