Tomorrow Night: Finance Oversight Committee Quarterly Meeting

Last year, Mayor Akers agreed to create a Finance Oversight Subcommittee. Though we often refer to it as a committee, it's a subcommittee of the Finance Committee, which is chaired this year by Council Member Rick Taft.  Council member Gail Mayland chaired it and Scott Newell and I were the other two council members on the committee. 

As noted within the last few months, since Council received recommendations from the Finance Review Committee, it was the Oversight Committee that first discussed the need to examine and possibly modify policies related to sick days and sick pay, vacation, longevity, part-time versus full-time employment and pension pick-up. 

Mayor Akers had envisioned that the council members on this committee would rotate and so now it's comprised of Paulette Morganstern (Chair), Cleve Svetlik and Rick Taft. The resident members are Don Jacobson, Kevin McGinty, Dave Shinebart and Michael Shore. The frequency of the committee's meetings has been changed to quarterly (from monthly) and the second quarter's meeting is tomorrow evening, July 19, at 7:00pm in City Hall. It is open to the public, as always. 

If you want to understand the City's budget - and its budget's strengths and weaknesses, this committee is an excellent place to start.

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