Saturday, July 23: Special School Board Meeting For Discussion of Budget Cuts, Tax Levy Millage

The Chagrin Solon Sun ran two lengthy articles yesterday about how the approved Ohio state budget will affect the communities in our area.  One article deals with the municipalities (you can read that one here) and the other, which you can read here, discussed input from school districts.

Regarding the Orange schools:

The Orange School District has not discussed its final budget cuts publicly yet, but has scheduled a special Board of Education meeting at 8 a.m. July 23 to discuss them in advance of its regular meeting July 25.


Voters last approved a new levy in 2004, when the board promised to come back to them at four-year intervals only. The district stretched that three more years with budget-cutting and the use of some cash reserves, Slemons said.

He had said he expects the size of the new levy to be 5 or 6 mills, but that statement was prior to passage of the final state budget.
I plan on attending.

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