Podcast for WCPN/Sound of Ideas "Merging Communities" show this morning

You can now listen online or download the podcast here. I'd also recommend reading the comment thread developing there, adding your own if you like or contacting the show should you feel so moved.  Similarly, the cleveland.com articles online (some from the Plain Dealer, at least a couple from the Chagrin Solon Sun), also have comment threads, some very lengthy, detailed and interesting (as in good, not just snide or snarky).

For example, at the PD's poll (would you merge with your neighbor), there are 93 comments and also more than 1700 votes in the poll were logged (the results as of 5:17pm today were 54% say okay if the money savings are big, 27% say no, my city won't give up it's identity, and then the rest split between the other two options - yes, if no services change; no, it would mean a loss of services). 

Voice.  It says a lot.

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