Live Tweets of PD's Laura Johnston & County Press Sec'y re: Moreland, Orange, Pepper Pike & Woodmere Merger Exploration

I couldn't be there and I can't seem to get online, so here's what's out so far (check out @johnkohlstrand and @lauraejjohnston to see their streams on  I'll update as there are more:

All four communities share schools, senior services, recreation. #burbmerger 

Residents would have to vote in 2012 for formal study. Then, vote on whether to merge in 2013. 

Communities have tossed around new names. One idea: Chagrin Hills 
Orange mayor says her residents don't care where the truck comes from; they just need to know where to call.

County to help communities study cost savings. Residents could vote in 2013. 

Woodmere mayor: "Our community will not be gobbled up." 

Moreland Hills, Orange, Pepper Pike and Woodmere are studying merger

And we have a hashtag now - #burbmerger

From Cleveland Magazine, which ranked Pepper Pike #3 in this years suburb ratings:

@ClevelandMag: Woodmere Mayor Smith: "Time for leaders in smaller communities to try to come together." #burbmerger (best hashtag ever)

I have to agree - burbmerger is a good one! 

Previous Cleveland Mag tweets on the announcement:

One possible name for towns considering merger: Chagrin Hills. #burbmerger

Suburbs shocker: The four merged suburbs will be Orange, Pepper Pike, Moreland Hills and Woodmere. #burbmerger

If voters approve a merger, they should be allowed to crowdsource the name of the new municipality.

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