TOMORROW (1/5), 10-11AM, WCPN: State Budgets and Public Employees

The Diane Rehm show's first hour tomorrow is on state budgets and public employees (I blogged about the spate of articles here and here just in the last week and I know that it's a hot topic around Pepper Pike given the mayor's financial review committee's work).
Fiscal problems in many states are prompting new scrutiny of public employee salaries, pensions and benefits: What shrinking state revenues could mean for the bargaining power of public employees.


Secretary-Treasurer, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees,
It looks like they're still adding guests and she usually does have anywhere from two to four or more contributors during any one hour.  I've called in before, over the years, and gotten on. So if you've got a question or comment, consider contacting the show by email, phone or Twitter.  Here's how:
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