A Gov 2.0 Refresher for 2011

Not sure what Gov 2.0 is, why it is, who it's for and what it does or can do? Read these:

Gov 2.0: The Promise of Innovation (from Forbes, defines Gov 2.0 in very simple terms)

What Is Gov 2.0 in video answers

A reminder that Government 2.0 is not just technology

5 necessary truths about Gov 2.0

10th Annual Digital Cities Survey – 2010 Results
(notice that NE Ohio's own Hyland Software sponsors this, which is good; what's not good is that out of all the categories and cities selected, only one is in Ohio - Dayton - that's extremely lamentable, and fixable)

Boston Ranks #1 Digital City in America

The Future of Cities, Information and Inclusion

A Window on Your Money

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