Estate tax likely to remain source of revenue for at least near future

From the Columbus Dispatch:
A group seeking to repeal Ohio's estate tax says it will fail to meet the deadline for a second year to file enough signatures to have the legislature consider the plan, but it isn't discouraged....

That's because the group hopes the incoming Republican majority in the Ohio House and Republican Gov.-elect John Kasich will take action on their own.
...If they don't, the group could file signatures by the end of 2011 for action in 2012.
I infer from this that the estate tax - as a source of revenue to local governments such as Pepper Pike -  will continue to be levied at least through the end of 2012, unless the Republican majority Ohio House and Ohio Senate decide to take legislative action and eliminate it.

What do you want our newly elected state representative, Marliene Anielski (R, Walton Hills) to do?

Hattip to Plunderbund.

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