Pepper Pike Updates from Thursday, September 16, 2010

Many (though not all, believe it or not!) people found this information that I sent out yesterday to be useful, so I'm publishing it here for everyone else to check out.  I have received a few emails saying that yes, people would like to get links to whichever articles the two local papers put online, so I will try to do that starting next week. For those fasting tomorrow, have an easy fast and may we all be put in the book of life for another hopefully good and healthy year.

Good afternoon on this very Fall-looking and feeling day.
1. The meeting minutes on the City website are up to date except for the June Road & Safety meeting's minutes which are still being completed and the Oversight Committee meeting minutes which is in the process of approving all prior minutes (though some are posted currently).  September minutes will be posted as they are completed and approved but you can always go to City Hall and request to listen to the tapes if you're eager. 
2. Saturday September 25: Read about prescription drug take back day. It's a state-wide effort and Pepper Pike's Police Dept. is working with New Directions to make it happen in our community.
3. Last night at the monthly City Council meeting [9/15/10], the City reached an agreement with Waterway (the new gas and car wash on Lander Circle) that will see them make a donation to the City of $10,000 plus consult with the City's beautification committee on providing up to $5,000 in landscaping for their quadrant of Lander Circle and maintaining that portion for five years.
4. City Engineer Don Sheehy informed Council last night that SOM Center Road between Cedar Road north to the circle at Gates Mills will be shutdown in both directions (open only to local traffic in the NORTHBOUND lanes) starting October 4 and for approximately one month for Mayfield Heights to do work related to the work our City is doing further south on SOM.
5. There will be an Orange Community Education and Recreation Department Levy on the ballot this November.  You can read more about it here

6. The Pepper Pike Civic League will host its annual Candidates Forum on September 28, 2010 from 7-9:30PM at the Brady Middle School.  They will provide a brief update on the League, after which invited public office candidates and a representative from the Orange School District will present their respective platforms.  I've attached their flyer for the program to this email.
7. Today's live-chat for the Pulse of Pepper Pike will be starting shortly. You can join in real-time here or read it later.  I've shortened the time span from 45 minutes to 30 minutes and moved it to 12noon through 12:30pm. We will be wrapping up conversation about a budget alignment process and the status of such a process at this time.  If there's extra time, we may start discussing the charter review process (our City's charter has never been reviewed specifically for the purpose of being reviewed, as some other communities' charters require).
8. And a question: For those of you who do not receive the Chagrin Valley Times or the Chagrin Solon Sun: sometimes artcles published in those papers concern Pepper Pike and are also available online.  Would you like me to provide the links to those pieces so that you can follow what they're reporting?  It's not much extra time but I wanted to see if its something people would like to receive. (I should also say that silence will be interpreted as "no" in that I will not add them into these kinds of emails unless at least one person suggests that they'd like it!)
Please feel free as always to call or write me if you have any questions, comments or concerns related to the City.  I could, as many of you know, list even more specific items of what's gone on and going on, but I definitely may not always cover what interests you, so I welcome suggestions. and
Have a wonderful rest of the week and thank you for your time and attention, and if you would like to stop receiving these emails, please let me know.
Most of all, thank you for living in Pepper Pike and being engaged.

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