Meeting Tonight; Draft-ONLY Pepper Pike Budget Alignment Plan

I sent out this information this afternoon. The draft-only document appears as a document after the email's text.

Good afternoon,

My apologies for the latest of this email.

1. You know the drill: if you'd like to stop receiving these emails, let me know. No harm, no foul.

2. September's Road & Safety/Finance & Planning meeting will be this evening at 7:30pm and not tomorrow evening due to the start of the Jewish new year tomorrow night.  The meeting will be in City Hall Chambers and is public, as always.  I've attached the most current agenda to this email but it is also available on the City website here.

3. I've also attached a draft-only [read: could have typos/still in progress!] outline of a Pepper Pike Budget Alignment Plan which I've worked on for the last week or so. This document is my distillation of Jim LeMay's fiscal responsibility review document and my comments regarding his document; it is not a document yet seen by my colleagues or worked on by anyone or any group.  It has developed as a result of those two documents, a conversation with Jim of more than two hours and input I've received from several residents regarding their thoughts on these ideas and the next steps for the City in regard to its finances. I will be forwarding this outline to my Council colleagues, the mayor and Prashant, our City Finance Director, shortly and strongly hope that it will help us take concrete steps toward asking, answering, analyzing and solving many questions which some of us have been asking for some time now in regard to balancing our revenues with our expenses.  I welcome more discussion and comment on these ideas. 

Thank you for your time and attention as always.

Best to all,

Pepper Pike Budget Alignment Plan

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