[Live-chat] THURSDAY: The Pulse of Pepper Pike, 11:30am-12:00 PM

Good morning and welcome to the sixth session of The Pulse of Pepper Pike. Today's topic for the live-chat is communications, technology and the web - the topics of the City committee which I chair. The time for the live-chat is 11:30am  to 12:00pm.  You can read the "what you should know" items below the chat frame.

A live-chat allows people to participate at whatever level they're comfortable - including not being able to attend but rather reading it back whenever it's convenient for them. If you have any questions or technical problems with the live-chat, let me know. Many businesses and other entities use Cover It Live now - including the Washington Post and the journalism organization, the Poynter Institute. I've used it for several years now and you can see examples on my other personal blog, Writes Like She Talks. Here's one of my favorites, blogged from the NPR studios on the night of the 2008 presidential election.

This live-chat is a public forum on the Internet, as is this blog. Some residents may not want to comment because of this public aspect, so I wanted to be clear upfront.

This forum is my own idea and I am solely responsible for its existence, which is to say, no one told me to do it and no one told me I can't do it - no one would tell me that though, I'm sure.


Steven Clift said...

Jill, your link was shared on the CityCamp Exchange when I asked about great examples of local elected officials who use social media. You should join us there: http://e-democracy.org/citycamp

Per the topic of your chat, I think you might find this webinar to be of interest. I am very interested in how to use online tools to build local community. See: http://blog.e-democracy.org/posts/845

Also, perhaps your community could use a hybrid e-mail/web/Facebook/Twitter Neighbors Forum like the one in my similar population neighborhood: http://e-democracy.org/se

Jill said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for leaving this comment. I will head over to the links you left shortly!

I am absolutely not about re-inventing the wheel, just scaling it to my city because I know I am not a tech wiz, but I am a good evangelist for finding solutions, and, okay - I'm not too bad at coming up with ideas and implementing them, lol, but I love and like seeing how others are dealing with similar ambitions. In other words, I know I'm rarely the first to have thought of something, but when I find out that I might be, that's okay too.

The first year in office has been a doozy so it's been fits and starts in moving forward on these issues, but we have and we are and we will make progress.

Thanks so much for being out there and connecting with me. Hope to meet in real-time sometime.

Jill said...

Steve, by the way - I have browsed around e-democracy.org before and actually posted about the forums back in February!


Thanks again for prompting me to get more involved with it.