[Live-chat] THURSDAY: The Pulse of Pepper Pike, 12:00-12:30 PM

Good afternoon and welcome to the fifth session of The Pulse of Pepper Pike. Today's topic for the live-chat is the new Waterway car wash and gas station going in at Lander Circle. The time for the live-chat is now 12noon to 12:30pm.  You can read the "what you should know" items below the chat frame.

A live-chat allows people to participate at whatever level they're comfortable - including not being able to attend but rather reading it back whenever it's convenient for them. If you have any questions or technical problems with the live-chat, let me know. Many businesses and other entities use Cover It Live now - including the Washington Post and the journalism organization, the Poynter Institute. I've used it for several years now and you can see examples on my other personal blog, Writes Like She Talks. Here's one of my favorites, blogged from the NPR studios on the night of the 2008 presidential election.

This live-chat is a public forum on the Internet, as is this blog. Some residents may not want to comment because of this public aspect, so I wanted to be clear upfront.

This forum is my own idea and I am solely responsible for its existence, which is to say, no one told me to do it and no one told me I can't do it - no one would tell me that though, I'm sure.

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elroijetson said...

Reference Waterway: I say go the criminal route and soak Waterway (haha) for as much $$$ as the law permits. Treat CEO Goodman as an enemy combatant and send him to Club GITMO with no constitutional right to counsel.