Meeting Reminders and Website Updates

This text reflects information I shared in an email I sent out today.  The information under the third item is in this blog post already.

Good day to everyone.

The disclaimer per usual re: being on this list: If you would like to be removed from my distribution list, please let me know. I understand and respect people's desire to receive less email. Please know that I do not share your emails with anyone, this is my personal list and those are two reasons why I keep your email addresses in the "blind copy" recipient section.

1. Meeting Reminders

  • Monday, August 30, 2010, 7:30 pm, Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, City Hall, open to the public (as always).  This meeting is the September P&Z meeting which, if normally scheduled, falls on Labor Day (Monday, September 6, 2010).
  • Tuesday, September 7, 2010, 7:30pm, Road & Safety/Planning & Zoning meeting, City Hall, open to the public (as always).  This meeting, if normally scheduled, falls on the evening that the Jewish New Year begins (Wednesday night, Sept. 8) and therefore was moved to 9/7/10.
  • NOT YET SCHEDULED but mentioned at last week's City Council meeting: Wednesday, September 1, 2010, a special Council session to discuss the topic of re-hiring a police officer.  This meeting, to the best of my knowledge, has NOT BEEN SCHEDULED but this date was mentioned at the 8/18/10 Council meeting last week.
2. City Website Updates

a. Items added to the Calendar: Shredding date of Sept. 16

b. News items added: (now past) Sunday's concert; information on how to access the Mayor's 8/20/10 letter to residents

c. Document addition
  • Mayor's 8/20/10 letter to residents can be accessed from under "For Residents" then under "Communications to Residents" then under "Mayor Communications"
  • Four financial documents relative to the 8/18/10 City Council meeting can be accessed from the following locations:
  1. Under "For Residents" then under "Financial Documents and Plans"
  2. Under "Government" then under "Meetings and Minutes" then under "City Council Meetings" then under "Council Meeting 8/10" (you must click on that phrase itself)
  3. Under "Government" then under "Finance Department" then under "Financial Documents and Plans"
These documents are all in pdf format. They also can always be obtained in hard copy from the finance director who can be reached by email ( or phone (216-896-6124).

3. Response to a resident's ideas for City action

Late last Tuesday evening (8/17/10), I received an email from a resident that had an attached letter and explicitly asked for a response to the information in the attached letter.  The attachment included ideas related to what the letter termed a "plan for a fiscal responsibility review for Pepper Pike."  From the few emails I've received from other residents who forwarded something identical to me (though with different introductory text), it appears that some portion of Pepper Pike residents also received this same attachment that I received (mine was sent to all Council members, the mayor and I believe also the finance director).

The communication specifically indicated a desire for a response to the letter.  I prepared and sent that response within 24 hours.  The document attached to this email is that response, which you can also view (and leave comments for) here at my blog.  I look forward to engaging in a deeper look at the suggestions.

Have a great week and thank you, as always, for your attention.


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