Meeting Reminder & Agenda; City Website Updates

Here is the text of an email I sent out this evening. If you desire to repeat or use any of the information, please be so kind as to provide attribution and a link back to the original source:

Good evening or good morning, depending on when you find this email in your inbox!

The disclaimer per usual re: being on this list: if you would like to be removed from my distribution list, please let me know. I understand and respect people's desire to receive less email. Please know that I do not share your emails with anyone, this is my personal list and those are two reasons why I keep your email addresses in the "blind copy" recipient section.

1. City Council Meeting this Wednesday, 8/18/10 You will find the agenda for the meeting here on the City website but I've also attached it to this email (in pdf format).  It is a scan of the copy I received but I will replace it on the website with a pdf of the original once I've received that version.

2. City Website Updates

a. The Mayor's "Collaborative Plan for Pepper Pike's Future"

This document was introduced and discussed at last week's Road & Safety/Finance & Planning meeting (8/11/10).  It will be discussed again this Wednesday evening. It can be found in at least four ways:

  • Attached to this email
  • Underneath "For Residents" then underneath "Financial Documents & Plans"
  • Underneath "Government" then underneath "Finance Department" then underneath "Financial Documents & Plans"
  • Underneath "Government" then underneath "Meetings & Minutes" then underneath "Road & Safety/Finance & Planning," if you click directly on the date of the meeting - 8/11/10 - a webpage for that date's meeting will come up and you will see links for the agenda and the mayor's document listed.
If you have other suggestions for how to list and/or locate the document on the website, please let me know. I've also attached it to this email.

b. News items added (accessible from the front page of the website by clicking on their headlines in the left sidebar):
  • August 22 Pepper Pike Community Band concert
  • August Service Department Round-ups
c. Calendar updates (accessible from the calendar on the front page of the website in the lower portion of the sidebar which is on the left side of the website):
  • Added Service Department furlough days for August and September (subject to further action by Council)
  • Added information re: change in trash pickup due to Labor Day
  • Added election days in September and November
  • Added Thanksgiving and Christmas dates
  • Added city hall closure dates re: Labor Day, Thanksgiving and New Years
  • Added September meeting dates
d. Financial Oversight Subcommittee documents
I've uploaded the 8/9/10 Finance Oversight Subcommittee meeting's documents and added three ways to access them:
  • Under "For Residents" then under "Financial Documents & Plans": there is now a link to the Finance Oversight Committee Meetings and Minutes page and clicking on the meeting date information will bring the visitor to the agenda, minutes and documents, if there are any
  • Under "Government" then under "Meetings & Minutes" then under "Finance Oversight Committee" - the documents are available at the date of each meeting (which must be clicked on to view)
  • Under "Government" then under "Finance Department" then under "Finance Oversight Committee" where visitors will find a link to the meeting agendas, minutes and documents
I will do this for the reports produced and reviewed for each Finance Oversight Subcommittee meeting (the next one is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14 at 7:30pm).
If you have any problems accessing this information or have any other questions, please feel free to call or write me.

3. Just to be clear: I send out these emails to residents who have given me permission to have their emails and send them these communications.  I am not sending these out as a function of the City or for the City, which maintains a separate database for its communications (which come out, via email, with a very clear header that it is from the City of Pepper Pike).

While I would encourage everyone to please submit your email address to the City (via the website, on the front page) so that you can receive its formal communications, I send these updates because, as a resident, I know I have in the past been very frustrated with the level of information available and posted and communicated.  I am, in my own way, trying to make some headway in that regard but, since I can only control so much (don't get me started, she said, thinking about her three nearly all teenage kids!), again, these emails are my way of trying to provide what I know as a resident I've wanted.  As chair of the City's Communications/Tech/Web committee, I hope the plan I'm working on for 2011 will move the City even further forward, with my Council colleagues' support (please feel free to submit to me any and all ideas you might have for that, by the way!).  But for now, I am trying to provide what I can in my way through these emails.

4. Upcoming City Meetings - not occurring on usual days due to holidays:
  1. September's Planning & Zoning meeting will be on Monday, August 30th at 7:30pm due to the start of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) being on the evening of Wednesday, September 8th (which is pushing Road & Safety/Finance & Planning from 9/8/10 to Tuesday, 9/7/10, which is the day after Labor Day, Monday, September 6th).
  2. September's Road & Safety/Finance & Planning meeting will be on Tuesday, September 7th at 7:30pm due to the start of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) being on the evening of Wednesday, September 8th, which would be the normal scheduled day for this meeting.
  3. September's City Council meeting will be on its regularly scheduled day (the third Wednesday of the month), Wednesday, September 15th at 8:00 pm.
Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns and, as always, thank you for your time and attention.

Have a safe week and start to the school year for those sending children back to school soon,


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