For Those Who Can't Get Enough Communication With Electeds

From the Los Angeles Times:
In an era of blast e-mails, robocalls and tweets, [Illinois's U.S. Congressman (R, IL-15) Timothy] Johnson is fixated with the old-fashioned telephone as the way to reach out and touch each one of his 653,647 constituents. He calls them from home, the office and the airport. He calls them while riding in the car, working out on the treadmill and walking through the Capitol.

"If I only do 100 a day, I have guilt feelings," he says in between calls, naturally.

His telephone calls — as well as an independent streak that includes working with liberal Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan — have earned him a reputation as "one of the most unconventional Republicans in the House," according to CQ's Politics in America.
Read the rest - it's not long and it's worth it.

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