Yard Sign Shenanigans: You Laugh But...

Political junkies like me peruse gazillions of bytes of information daily (sometimes hourly) as we keep up with the trials and tribulations of how our country manages to function at all.  The information often falls into one of a few typical categories. Some popular ones right now have to do with self-funding (think Meg Whitman), corruption (think Rod Blagojevich) and midterm elections (think comparisons to 1994).

So here's one from ICYMI category (In Case You Missed It) - an actual acronym used in the subject line by many political candidate's communications people to make sure you read something that really only true political junkies would see otherwise.  This story and video, about a candidate's son planting a video near an intersection allegedly catching the opponent and his wife taking down yard signs really seemed like an ICYMI for Pepper Pike residents. And the video - was posted on YouTube

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