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1. Pepper Pike Community Band concert tomorrow, Monday, July 12, Pepper Pike Park, 7:30pm.

You can read more about it here, including a list of music scheduled to be performed.  The band, upon request, agree to performing pro bono this year, except for the purchase of its sheet music which the City did pay (something under $600, closer to $400 I believe, this discussion is in the Council meetings but the band director had bought the sheet music prior to the decision that events such as the ice cream social, the concert and communications like the Pepper Pike Post were being suspended this year).

2. The monthly Finance Oversight Subcommittee meeting will be this Tuesday, July 13, Pepper Pike City Hall Chambers, 7:30pm.  This meeting is open to the public. Council members on the committee are Gail Mayland, Scott Newell and Jill Miller Zimon.  Residents on the committee are Don Jacobson, Kevin McGinty, Enid Rosenberg and Michael Shore.  The City's Finance Director, Prashant Shah, is also on the committee which is a subcommittee of the Finance & Planning committee.  This committee was created earlier this year and will be a permanent committee that will watch and follow the month to month and year over year revenues and expenditures.  It will report back to the full Council regularly.

3. The monthly Road & Safety/Finance & Planning Commitee meeting will be this Wednesday, July 14, Pepper Pike City Hall Chambers, 7:30pm. This meeting is open to the public.  Road & Safety is chaired by Council Member Allan Krulak. Finance & Planning is chaired by Council Member Rick Taft.

4. I'd like to thank all the residents who have reached out and provided input in the form of questions, concerns and comments regarding the two ballot issues on the August 3rd election. I'm especially appreciative for the time you've taken to talk to me, listen to me and often read council session minutes, which I believe provide enormous detail not otherwise captured in any of the literature circulating, pro or con, regarding the August 3 ballot issues. 

These four sets of meeting minutes in particular, April 26, May 5, May 12 and May 15, include the details of very pointed debate about the different council members' opinions about different revenue-raising tools and prioritizing values and needs.  I know it seems like a lot of reading, but I know many residents have found them to be enlightening as to why there are two ballot issues in an August election.  You can find those meeting minutes here:

5. Finally, I'd like to invite you to please contact me if anything you read or hear raises questions or concerns you would like addressed, or if you just have comments to share.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy your mid-July summer days.


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