Citizen-Engagement Communities: we could scale this, right?

I'm signed up for a variety of information sources related to Gov 2.0 initiatives.  I just received, through a listserv, notice about communities that have been designated as Citizen-Engaged Communities. Now, of course, maybe not all communities want to be citizen engaged communities - I think we know that I come from the perspective that would say to that, "Say what?"  But to be fair, I can make room for the knowledge that not everyone believes in it the way I do.  And sometimes there are understandable reasons, but not, most likely, ones which I'd give a high enough priority to outweigh the pursuit of citizen-engagement.

One of the member communities with the Public Technology Institute is Upper Arlington, Ohio.  Their population is just over 33,000.  Pepper Pike is still significantly smaller, and there may be some smaller cities on this list.  But they do have a nice looking (and new) setup.  I think it's kind of soft, not overcrowded, clear, simple but with all the basics covered...what do you think?

The question remains, though, in regard to stepping it up: do we need it, and can we scale it?* Thinking cap on and I'm thinking...there must be a way...right?

*Don't worry - the "can we afford it?" question isn't even on the table.  I know the answer to that one. ;)

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