Pepper Pike Blogger & Teen Featured in Today's Plain Dealer

You can read the article, "Julie Zeilinger, creator of, examines teen feminist issues," here and the blog,, here.  Do not miss this profile of a young woman with passion, initiative, creativity, questions and answers. An excerpt:
In the year since she launched – the "f" stands for feminist, of course -- [Julie] Zeilinger has counted more than 356,000 visitors to her blog, which has been mentioned by the London Guardian, the Huffington Post,, the BBC, Mother Jones and the Ethiopian Review. Its topics range from gay rights to bullying to prom-going. Her submitters are mostly young feminists from Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, Africa, Russia, China and South America, and all around the United States – 193 countries thus far.
They come to site because Zeilinger, a Hawken junior, has discovered an Internet void. She found that while teenagers often weighed in on posts on other feminist blogs, they didn't originate essays. "The only time there was a teen perspective was in the comments section," she said. "If our voice was there at all, it was getting lost."
I feel very lucky to have met Julie and cannot wait to get to know her better and see what she does next.

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