Clarification to Chagrin Valley Times article regarding Pepper Pike tax increase

This article in today's Chagrin Valley Times describes how Council reached a unanimous vote last Saturday and is placing a .5% income tax increase with a sunset provision plus a charter amendment related to the budget approval process on the August ballot.  Goodness knows that the reporters have been spending nearly as much time in Council chambers as we have, and I'm grateful for that.

I want to provide one clarification to today's piece. The following paragraph from it should attribute Council Member Rick Taft with the proposal, not me:
Councilwoman Jill Miller Zimon's proposal for an "equitable" tax at a May 12 meeting was opposed by most of council. She had proposed placing a 0.5-percent income tax increase along with a second property tax levy on the ballot. Specifically, she proposed a 2.5-mill police levy that would generate about $600,000 and cost the owner of a $300,000 home about $250.
The record will show that Rick actually made that proposal to Council that evening. And the millage he proposed would raise closer to $1 million (1 mill raises $394,000 according to the City's finance director).

My proposal, which I presented to Council at the April 26, 2010 Special Council Meeting and which was explained and covered very well by the Chagrin Valley Times on 4/29/10 (you can read more here) was different in regard to the tax rate, the tax credit and the property tax: 
.75% tax rate increase, but also an increase in the tax credit from .5 to .75 and then a 1.65 mill road levy which would cost the owner of a $300,000 home about $139.
Ultimately, as most readers here know, the .5% increase only, with a sunset and a charter amendment, were approved for placement on the ballot.

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