AGENDA: Tomorrow Night's Meetings (Road & Safety/Finance & Planning, as well as a Special Council Meeting)

If the City of Pepper Pike is to place a ballot issue before the voters in relation to a tax increase on the August 3rd ballot, then the issue must be certified by next Thursday, May 19.  Given that Council continues to work on a solution that it believes reflects what the City needs and the residents will support, there will be discussion first at the Road & Safety meeting, according to the agenda, and then at the Special Council Meeting, called for starting just after Road and Safety.

As I wrote last week, I remain unconvinced that a straight up .75 tax increase, with no change in the credit for residents who work outside the city but live in the city, no change in the credit limit for the same residents, and no sunset provision (which would send such a tax increase back to the voters in five years and therefore require Council and the mayor and his administration to be transparent and be held accountable) is the best option we can offer our taxpayers.

Please consider attending the meetings and/or writing or calling council members or the mayor to share your comments, questions and concerns.

Thank you as always.
Agenda: 5/12/10 Pepper Pike Road & Safety/Finance & Planning Committee; Special Council Meeting

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