Longtime Landerwood Swim Club Member, Founder, Patron (Matron!?), Marge Johnson, RIP

I received word earlier this week about Landerwood neighbor, Marge Johnson, passing away. 
The Plain Dealer published this nice lengthy obit about her involvement in the region, especially as it related to the start of the Orange Community Arts Council and the Church of the Western Reserve.
The Johnson Pavillion came into being just before we moved into the neighborhood but Marge was a fixture at every function and the residents and members of LSC (Landerwood Swim Club) felt a great attachment and affection for Marge.  And not just because she knew the history of and ingredients for the traditional egg dish that all LSC board members had to make and bring to an annual event.

Very warm thoughts to her family, friends and loved ones. Thank you and thanks to her for sharing so much of her life with the community.

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