FAQs on City's financial situation, City's town hall (not Civic Leagues')

At last week's Special Council Session, each of the council members present received a copy of a draft of FAQs (frequently asked questions) that reflects the questions Councilman Scott Newell, myself and the other members of the Budget Communications Committee (Mayor Bruce Akers, Cindy Eickhoff, Jean Seaton and David Portmann) are hearing most frequently from residents and know need answers.  It is my expectation that the document will go out this week and be posted on the City website. I will also post it here on the blog and via Scribd.

The hope is that once received, the final FAQ document will spur residents to attend, provide input and ask more questions at the City's town hall meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday, April 28 at 7:30 pm (location still being decided) and has also been mentioned already in public meetings and in the local papers.

In the meantime, if you have not yet communicated directly with either the Mayor, a council member or a member of the Budget Communications Committee and have questions regarding the City's financial situation which you want to be sure get answers, please do contact any of us through whatever means you feel most comfortable.

I spent time last week on the City's website trying to simplify and multiply the ways in which residents can find contact information for the City's elected officials.  Here are the easiest ways to find emails and send one directly from the City website, or find phone numbers and call:

1. Once you are at the front page of the City's website (http://pepperpike.org), if you hover, then click on the word "Contact" itself (it is the green button farthest to the right), it will bring you to a long list of contact information. At the bottom of that list, you will see the names and phone numbers of all elected officials in the City.  I have added the emails now so that the names of the council members, when clicked on, will take you directly to an email form, depending on the mail server you use.

2. Additionally, if you are at the front page of the City's website and you hover over the "Government" tab, you will see a "drop-down" menu (it looks like a list that literally drops down under the word "Government") that includes the words "City Council." If you then hover over the words, "City Council," you will see each of our names kind of jutting out from the "City Council" category.  I have updated the information in each of our biographies to include phone and email at the very top of the entries (though my bio is still missing!)

Again, if you have any further questions or needs related to the City website, please let me know.

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